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Hey I’m Brandon Crowe… Toronto’s personal fitness trainer and weight loss specialist. I am so confident in my program that I can GUARANTEE results. If I can’t get you to your fitness and weight loss goals, I am not doing my job.

As a certified pro trainer, I have over 10 years of experience in coaching physical fitness and nutrition, and have helped hundreds of people achieve their weight loss goals.

My areas of focus are a certified specialist in functional muscular assessment and advanced strength training, I have applied his knowledge in body composition and fitness training methods into a sustainable body transformation strategy to maximize the results that each of my clients deserves. And although I train all different types of clients from those looking to put on serious muscle, to those that need rehabilitation from an injury, my main area of focus and expertise are clients looking for sustainable and long-term weight loss FAST without starvation diets.

Why am I so confident and bold with my claims?

Easy… I don’t use the same generic fitness routine. I AM NOT a trainer that just stands there with a clip board looking pretty and checking out girls- what would my wife say! And I DO NOT waste your time chit-chatting about my day on YOUR TIME! Let me tell you what I WILL DO…

I will get you fit and in shape by using the best workouts that incorporate the most cutting edge science that will make you lose fat, get fit, get toned in the FASTEST, MOST EFFECTIVE, and SAFEST way possible.

So if you are like most of my clients that want to lose weight but don’t have the time or motivation to reach your fitness and weight loss goals…I understand. I am quite busy myself. But many of my clients have sat exactly where you are sitting right now thinking the same thing. Once they started training with me, they found that my programs are time-efficient, fun, dynamic, and most of all RESULTS ORIENTED!

I know that not everybody is the same, so I have tailored my programs to YOUR GOALS, YOUR METABOLISM, YOUR BODY TYPE, and YOUR LIFE! I am not going to try to sell you on something that you don’t need like some of the big chain fitness companies. My programs work around your needs, goals, and time frame to get you results!!!

I began my fitness career as a Certified Personal Trainer in the Toronto area, although I have been working out religiously for nearly a decade now.

That’s me to the right. So I have not always been in great shape, and I have spent years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Now I am here to tell you everything you need to know about losing weight and getting fit. It doesn’t involve wasting your hard earned money trying out expensive equipment or supplements.

I have it all figured out after systematically studying the human body in university, and have since trained many clients to transform not only their body, but their life along the way. Helping people transform themselves has become my passion. Beware…my fitness enthusiasm will wear off on you!

This is my most recent 12-week fat loss self-experimentation:



Hanging out with my gorgeous wife, going to movies, reading….yah, and working out of course :)

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What have you got to lose (except the weight)??!?!?

Committed to your success,

Brandon Crowe
Head Personal Trainer and CEO
Crowe Fitness Inc

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