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8 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

By Brandon Crowe If you’re about to start off on a fat burning diet plan, one thing that you must be taking a good look at is all the different things that you can do to help boost your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate stands for how fast your body is burning up calories all…

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The Two Most Damaging Mistakes People Make in Fat Loss

By Brandon Crowe Most people think of two things when they think of weight loss: Cardio (i.e. treadmills) Eating less (i.e. starving) Incidentally, these are the two things you should not be doing if you want to lose fat. Let’s cover the first part of the equation first. Do less cardio and more HIIT! Researches…

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The Truth About Carbs

By Brandon Crowe Some people can’t live without their bread, pasta, rice, etc. Others, avoid all carbs like the plaque. Most often, it are the extreme cases that can get us into trouble. It is all in moderation and, as it turns out, timing is very important as well. I tell all my clients that…

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