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“I am a total workout junkie. Whether hitting the gym for weights, running, or hot yoga; sweating is my thing. I’m always looking for a challenge and an amazing workout. With Brandon’s unique and motivating classes, he makes the kettlebells a full body workout. Not only are you working your muscles, but with circuit like efficiency, your heart rate remains elevated, to achieve a cardio workout as well. It’s an all over burn that simply works. And, the workouts are always different so you never get bored.”

Sara - Toronto, Ontario

For years I have tried everything without a doubt – this is the best workout program I’ve tried – No Intimidation and NO FEAR of going to the Studio – The GROUPS are small & encouraging – I am very surprise that the KETTLEBELLS can be so much fun – With this program, you can do the undoable – You can LOSE WEIGHT, I have lost 16lbs since starting three weeks ago with 10 to go – following his Exercise & DIET PLAN I have more energy and the HEAT WAVE is not effecting me as much – GREAT MOTIVATOR & BELIEVER Brandon Crowe is the BEST TRAINER I have ever had – he has made this program part of my workout routine and it hasn’t let me down one bit – I get the best workout, in the shortest amount of time, I have ever gotten. Thanks Man. One Million Tulips”

- Rabin - Toronto, Ontario

Brandon Crowe and his work is a breath of fresh air compared to other gyms, studios or fitness programs out there. The classes are fun, unique, and challenging (while extremely motivating!) and Brandon does a fabulous job at engaging his clients via supportive and encouraging communication, easy-to-follow nutrition plans and helpful fitness tips. Brandon is without a doubt dedicated to his clients, who have seen amazing results. By far one of the best fitness programs in Toronto offering true value for your money, dedicated staff and amazing results!

Katie - Toronto, Ontario

I am a competitive athlete and I love to push myself so I was a little skeptical before my first class and assumed I would breeze through the class without breaking a sweat. I was totally wrong. Not did I get an amazing workout but I was placed in an amazing atmosphere where I’m not only pushing myself, but Brandon and other participants are motivating and encouraging me to become stronger. Brandon is able to create diverse and original workouts in a smaller space that use kettle bells, ropes, punching bags and body weight in different ways to work your entire body. I have noticed huge differences in my strength, power and explosive movements, all which are key to being a successful athlete in any sport. Thank you Brandon for all your hard work that makes me work harder and become better

- David - Toronto, Ontario

I have been attending Brandon Crowe’s class for four weeks now and I love it! As someone who hasn’t exercised in years and with more than fifty pounds to lose, I am amazed that I actually look forward to the classes. Each class has been different and challenging, but it is an amazing environment and Brandon is a great trainer. His use of kettle bells means that anyone, irregardless of fitness level, gets an amazing workout.

Nicola - Toronto, Ontario

Intense! Brandon Crowe's training is unlike anything I've tried and its amazing. The workouts are powerful, forcing you to use every part of your body, and they constantly change so you never get bored, just better! Brandon is an awesome trainer, always there to give you that extra push and offer little tips and tricks to help you with your nutrition. I'm in my 3rd week and I feel stronger, more fit and more toned :)

- Danielle - Toronto, Ontario

After going to boring and generic gyms for over 10 years, Brandon Crowe was the perfect change to my routine. Kettle Bell Training is a fast paced workout that pushes you further than any gym. Brandon is a great motivator who has worked closely with us to meet our individual goals. The group atmosphere provides a fun and competitive workout that is perfect to keep you coming back for more. I can’t wait to see the results to come.

Craig - Toronto, Ontario

Forget about going to the gym! After discovering Brandon Crowe and his studio programs, there is no way I'll head back into one of the big box gyms for my workouts. Brandon and the other staff pay attention to what you want and what your goals are by tailoring both an exercise routine and meal plan that will work with your schedule and lifestyle. Classes are run in a way that accommodates all fitness levels, so if it's your first class or your 20th, the level is just right for you. Using Kettlebells and Battle Ropes make other routines seem so outdated and the use of social media really keeps me motivated. Daily and weekly tips by email and Facebook keep the momentum going between workouts. I look forward to going back for each session and love the results I see in the mirror every day. Thanks!

- William - Toronto, Ontario

I am a very active individual who has tried every type of workout or activity under the sun. This is by far my favorite!! You are using your whole body and the workouts are constantly changing so you dont get bored! The combination of unique workouts and his amazing personality make you want to work harder! You dont have to sacrifice fun for results, and you see results almost immediatly!

Lindsay - Toronto, Ontario

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